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ICS Celebrating World Environment Day on dated 5th, June.                ICS is Pleased to commence there distant education program starts from 1st June 2012 which is recognized by Chartered Quality Institute-UK(CQI).               ICS is Committed to Impartiality, Confidentiality, Independent and unbiased services by managing Conflict of Interest thereby ensuring the core objectivity of Certification and Verification Services.               Your Trusted Partner in Management System : We Provide Total Quality Solution.

Celebration of World Environment Day 2018

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WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY - Connecting People to Nature.
Message from Desk of CMD, Dr. Sundar Kataria
  We at International Certification Services have set up a platform for an action on 5th June 2018 that is the “World Environment Day”, which is the most important day for ICS for enhancing awareness, taking initiatives, actions and organizing various programs for the protection of our environment and preserving our mother earth.  
  This is the day for ICS and ICSIANs to take initiatives to take care of the earth. Our actions and programs can be focused locally, nationally and globally. It can be an individual or a group action. Every one of us is free to choose.  
  The concept of co-existence with nature is deep-rooted in our age-old Indian civilization and philosophy. The nature is given importance in every aspect of our life. Our cultural traditions, religious and spiritual actions like planting the trees, praying and watering trees, grooming flowers to offer to God, not wasting food, preservation of water, rain harvesting, use of ‘itra’ (perfumes), not using aerosol- like chemical perfumes, fasting, bathing with cold water, not wasting electricity, utilizing food waste for alternate use, use of old books and garments and having kitchen gardens etc. Our above Indian best practices to save environment need to be highlighted by increasing awareness towards environment protection. We do wish and propose that each and every member of ICS family would take at least three initiatives and actions on 5th June 2018 during the week to increase environmental awareness to save the earth. Otherwise, our next generations will not have sufficient water, which has already become a rare natural resource. Our glaciers are melting, rivers and lakes are drying and forests are vanishing very fast due to urbanization.    
  All ICSIAN Members Partners and Business Associates are invited to join hand with us to celebrate ' World Environmental Day from 5th to 10th June, 2017.

Proposed actions & Initiatives by ICS:

  Our Team of Environmental and Management Specialists waiting here to provide necessary support and advice to protect the environmental pollution to save our Mother Earth for future generation towards their wellness and Sustainable Life.  
  a) Plant a tree and nurture it.  
  b) Save water while brushing, bathing, or for any use like flushing etc.  
  c) Save electricity - put-off lights & equipment when not in use.  
  d) Save energy - use of pressure cooker & cooking on low heat.  
  e) Use public transport and / or bicycle once a week.   
  f) Reduce excessive use of hazardous chemicals like Aerosol etc.  
  g) Recycle used old books, toys etc.  
  h) Save paper - trees. Do not print. Use handkerchief.  
  i) Recycle used garments and other household items.  
  j) Do not encourage use of plastics.  
  k) Boycott use of plastic bags - use cloth bags.  
  l) Boycott use of plastic bottles and containers.  
  m) Do not wash your clothes excessively.  
  n) Periodic maintenance of our equipment, automobiles, gas stoves, electrical fans, ACs and inverters etc.  
  o) Cultivate good habits among children.  
  p) Avoid noise pollution - honking of vehicles.  
  q) Print both sides of papers.  
  r) Do not cut trees.  
  s) Use eco-friendly materials.  
  t) Share your good environment practice with others to motivate them.  
  u) Love animals and birds to keep eco-system alive.  
  v) Use of solar, biogas and alternate power.  
  w) Use recycled printing cartridges.  
  x) Segregate waste as biodegradable, non-biodegradable and recyclable ones.  
  z) Use rain harvesting techniques during civil construction.  
        Dr. Sundar Kataria
Chairman & Mananging Director
International Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.
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