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Prevent Pipeline Damage

Most pipelines are underground so it is important that you, “Know What’s Below.” Pipeline markers indicate a pipeline’s approximate location but are no substitute for calling 811 before you dig.

Pipeline Safety Brochures

A key component of our safety commitment is our ongoing Public Awareness program, which includes mailing pipeline education and public safety brochures to neighbors who live or work near our pipeline systems.


ICS Pipeline employees find fulfillment in their work by fully developing their capabilities to produce results that create the greatest long-term value for customers, the company and society.


2015 Helping Heroes grant recipients announced, approximately $175,000 given to 38 emergency response organizations in Texas.
ICS Pipeline Company operates pipeline systems in the United States that transport crude oil, refined products and chemicals. Some of those pipelines are owned by ICS Pipeline and others are owned by affiliates such as Flint Hills Resources and INVISTA.