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Sr.No Parameter Performance / Satisfaction Levels
    Average Good Excellent
1  Pre-Tender:
1.1 Within how many weeks was your request for service attended? 3 wk 2 wk 1 wk
1.2 Did you receive adequate information from ICS w.r.t organization, description of services and quotation in a timely manner?
1.3 Was adequate information regarding audit procedure, rates conveyed in a transparent & clear manner.
2.1 Within how much time was the Registration number conveyed to you along with acceptance of your Purchase Order / Contract received in time? 3 wk 2 wk 1 wk
3.1 Within how many weeks prior to audit the Document Review Report from ICS was received by you? 1 wk 2 wk 3 wk
3.2 Within how many weeks was the Plan received before audit date? 1 wk 2 wk 3 wk
3.3 Did the plan cover all necessary details of team regarding the team, scope of audit / survey, date, time, location etc.
3.4 Was the Audit Plan revised at any stage (change of Auditors / Date of Audit) Yes No
3.5 Did you feel that the Audit team had done adequate homework and were aware of your earlier Audit results?
3.6 Did the audit team probe sufficiently well into your process?
3.7 Did the Technical Expert know well about your process?
3.8 Did the Technical Expert add value to your Audit / system.
3.9 Was the Audit team equipped sufficiently well to carry out the services being rendered?
3.10 Did ICS personnel brief you on the Audit/Survey program, methodology, QA Plan and Reporting etc. before commencing the audit / survey?
3.11 Did the Team properly explain the audit/survey findings at the end of Audit?
3.12 Did ICS team provide you with value added services i.e. observations for continual improvement?
3.13 How did you find competence of the Audit / Survey Team (Auditors / Surveyors)?
3.13.1 Professionally
3.13.2 Attire wise
3.13.3 Attitude wise / Degree of Cooperation
3.13.4 Did the team ask for any kind of favours like monetary / or non monetary or make any kind of demands? Yes No  
4.1 Within how many weeks (from closure of NCs) was the Audit / Survey / Inspection Report received with adequate and correct details? 3 wk 2 wk 1 wk
4.2 Was the Audit Report clear & include adequate information for making improvements?
4.3 How much value added information do you find in Audit Report provided?
4.4 Was invoice received in time with necessary supporting information / documents as per the contract?
5 Would you recommend our company to your vendors / suppliers / associates / contacts within the industry Definetly Not Probably Definetly
5.1 If Definetly Not, please provide how we can improve ?  
6 Any other comments your wish to make, that shall add value to ICS in upgrading its services to serve you better :